Marita Poll M.Ed. RCC


My name is Marita Poll and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (registration # 2589, I provide individual and couples counselling; individual counselling can take place either in-person, by telephone, or on Skype.


Areas of Specialization:



You may want to make use of counselling for:


1.      To gain clarity and insight, for support and to have a chance to talk and be truly heard.  Many people experience a sense of relief, closure, and increased resiliency from supportive counselling.

2.      To make some type of specific change or problem solve a particular issue.  For example, learning stress reduction tools and communication strategies, or processing grief due to the loss of a family member.

3.      To work on more complex issues such as recovering from childhood abuse or a recent assault.  Many people find trauma recovery counselling to be healing and transformative.